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David Allan - Kambo Practitioner

One-to-one Kambo treatments based in Central Scotland. 

Registered with the Kambo Practitioners Alliance (KPA). 

One of the things I love about this medicine is its ability to shine the light of truth on a part of
ourselves that needs healing
It seems to me that if you take one step towards the spirit of the medicine it takes ten steps
towards you
Of course the deeper we dive into our woundedness the harder it gets but that is where the
greatest treasure can be found
It is that treasure which can open our eyes to the clarity of where the distortion has to be
challenged and therefore return to our true self
Our true self is who we really are our birthright and the clarity we find will help us on the
journey to navigate within the illusion now knowing that we can always choose the truth
David Allan

Kambo Scotland

Sacred Amazonian medicine 

Kambo is a traditional Amazonian medicine that has gained popularity in recent years for its potential health benefits. It is derived from the secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog and is most commonly used to treat physical and emotional imbalances. Some of the reported benefits of Kambo include boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, detoxifying the body, and improving mental clarity. It is also believed to have antimicrobial properties and can be used to treat infections. Additionally, Kambo is known for its ability to help with addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Overall, Kambo has a wide range of potential health benefits and may be a valuable addition to a holistic wellness routine.

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About Me


My journey into healing practices began with a six-month stay at the Findhorn Foundation Spiritual Community.

True healing is about much more than just the body, it is very much in connection with the mind and spirit too.

And so began a long journey of personal healing that has incorporated meditation, yoga, running, breathwork and shamanic practices, as well as my pilgrimages through India, Nepal and Tibet and the Himalaya.

Back to health

My life-long struggle with asthma, and years of mental health, and addiction challenges, due to trauma, prompted me to find alternative ways of healing.

As a therapeutic response to these issues, I discovered homeopathy, and other healing practices

 I also took up running, yoga, guitar, and craftwork. 

After 10 years of yoga practice I trained for 2 years as a Dru yoga practitioner, and qualified in 2018 and began to teach yoga.

Running is fun and adventurous

I'm also a seasoned ultra runner having taken part in many of the UK's longest ultramarathons, including the Birmingham to London 145 mile Grand Union Canal race 5 times, and the Liverpool to Leeds 130 mile Canal Race 8 times, completing the first seven as well as finishing the Kennet and Avon Bristol to London Canal race once in each direction, with one finish and one where I timed out.

As well as many shorter Ultras, I did the amazing Thames Ring 250 mile race twice finishing in just over 90 hours in 2015 and pulled out injured in 2019.

Shamanic Practice

In 2007 I did a course in core Shamanism with Simon Buxton founder of the Sacred Trust and continue to incorporate and develop this wonderful practice today.


For the last 5 years I have been studying Indian Classical music, by learning to play the bamboo bansuri flute from Northern India, and am a student of the amazing player, and teacher and dear brother and friend Shyan Kishore who is based in Japan.

Shyan has performed all lover the world, and trained with the great Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia who is a living legend in the bansuri world.


Among my many passions which includes nature and wildlife, and I have worked a lot with animals, and spent a year at the Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall living and working as a keeper with Grey Woolly monkeys indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest, that had been rescued from the illegal pet trade

I also spent a year as a Falconer at World of Wings bird of prey centre near Cumbernauld.

The eternal student

After leaving school I did a 4 year apprenticeship as a carpenter and returned to further education as a mature student in 2010 and completed an HND in furniture restoration.

After graduating I lectured at College for one day a week for 6 months with view to going full time until local authority budget cuts put paid to that

I occasionally still do commissions and I specialise in making bespoke cabinets and boxes


After 7 years of being treated with Kambo, and finding the benefits wonderfully beneficial, I felt the call of the medicine to become a Kambo Practitioner

I trained with Lewis Powell the fabulous teacher and founder of the Kambo Practitioner Alliance of which I am honoured to be a member.

The Alliance is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of Kambo practice

We ensure that every session reflects our deep commitment to the ethical sustainable and respectful use of this sacred medicine.

 As a result we only use Kambo that has been sourced exclusively from the Matsés tribe.

This not only guarantees the authenticity and potency of treatments but also supports the tribe preserving their ancestral knowledge and sustainable practices.

Kambo teaches us adaptability cleansing and renewal.

It’s a full-circle experience nurturing mind, body and spirit while honouring the natural balance through ethical sourcing and practices.

A bolt from the blue

I have autism and I am currently in the process of publishing my book which is about health and well being and my journey through life and how I have navigated being on the spectrum.

My heartfelt wish is my book will help others too.

The other big event in my life which is relevant to my hypersensitivity, happened in 1968 as I was running home from school during a thunderstorm when I was struck by lightening on the head.

56 years later I can still feel the impact of that on my head and body.

I feel sure this had some impact on my neurology, and accounts for my hypersensitivity to energy, sound textures, atmospheric pressure, weather and moon cycles, which for most of my life I found it difficult to manage. 

Now I think it is a superpower.

I write about this and many of my experiences in my upcoming book which will be called:

Musings from the towpath

An Autistic guide to Spiritual Awakening

In Light 

David Allan


Price is £120 for a one to one treatment with a £40 non - refundable deposit required at time of booking
Payment plans available on  request
Message for details


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